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  Create life of your dreams by tapping into your intuition, improve and maintain your health and relationships. Gain access to a knowledge and resources of a dowser with over 35 years of dowsing experience."

Are you a wholistic doctor or vet, chiropractor, healer, spiritual counselor? Learn how dowsing can help you in your practice!

From Wikipedia: "Dowsing, also called divining or water witching, is a generic term for practices which proponents claim empower them to find water, metals, gem stones and hidden objects, usually by fluctuations of some apparatus (typically a Y-shaped twig, rod, rods, or pendulum) over a piece of land or a map. Some claim to need no apparatus at all but to 'feel' reactions."

Beyond This Page Youíll Find:

  • Dowsing basics - learn what is dowsing and how it works - perfect if you are just starting up

  • Dowsing tools - pendulums, divining rods - how to choose , hold and how to use them

  • Dowsing classes - online tutorials, tips, techniques - learn without leaving your home

  • Access to Dowsing Archives with lots of articles on basic and advanced dowsing techniques

  • Dowsing charts - how to use them and create your own


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